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McLaren Speedtail

The McLaren Speedtail has arrived, marking the arrival of the brand’s first ‘Hyper-GT’ and sitting atop the portfolio as the ultimate McLaren road car.

The McLaren Speedtail combines flowing lines with maximum aerodynamic efficiency, with its teardrop-shaped cockpit and elongated 5.2-metre long carbon-fibre body being key elements to making it the most aero-drag efficient McLaren road car. The details extend to the wing-mirrors, which have been replaced by retractable, digital rear-view cameras that provide a wider field of vision than conventional mirrors. Carbon-fibre front-wheel static aero-covers also help with airflow and cooling, while active rear ailerons further contribute to aerodynamic efficiency. Tyres are bespoke P-Zeros developed with McLaren’s technology partner, Pirelli. A new standard of bespoke customization, including interwoven carbon titanium deposition materials and digitally embossed, full-aniline and lightweight leathers are also introduced.

McLaren Speedtail

Inside, the cabin layout is inspired by none other than the McLaren F1. That means one front seat with a central driving position, and two rear seats – one on either side of the driver. The controls are aircraft-style with buttons and switches overhead. Electrochromic glass darkens top of the windscreen at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for sun-visors.

The drivetrain is more powerful than anything McLaren have ever made: a petrol-electric hybrid driveline that combines the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 with electric power for a net 1,050 PS. With the efforts exercised in perfecting every aspect, the Speedtail promises to leave the F1 in its wake. The unique Velocity mode optimizes the powertrain and active aerodynamics to achieve maximum speed and also lowers the Speedtail by 35 millimetres. The Speedtail will blast from standstill to 300 km/h in 12.8 seconds, and on to a top speed of 250 mph (403 km/h).

McLaren Speedtail

The new McLaren Speedtail a car like few others, it will be built in very limited numbers – only 106 – and each example will be priced at £1.75 million (Rs 16.5 crore approx). All of the have already been reserved.

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