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Mahindra have pioneered in the electric vehicle segment here in India, and now they have come out with a five-door version of their e2o electric hatch. So have they just slapped on a couple of doors or is there more than what meets the eye? We drove it in order to find out

Story: Harket Suchde
Photography: Aditya Dhiwar

Mahindra have been the frontrunners in the electric car segment and they claim that this, the four-door e2o Plus, is their best value proposition yet. A statement that definitely piqued our curiosity regarding what this little battery-powered hatch had to offer. It is the evolution of Mahindra Electric’s (ME) e2o two-door EV on sale currently, and when you look at it, especially head-on, you can see the family resemblance.

The flow of the front from the roof to the bonnet is extremely familiar, as are those protruding wheel-arches. Even the front headlamp unit echoes the e2o’s; however, on this, the e2o Plus, the grille and bumper have both been redesigned. The new M&M design philosophy is evident in the front grille which now has vertical chrome slats running across it, and a thick horizontal chrome piece across the top as well. The front bumper also looks edgier and a little more aggressive than on the e2o. Coming to the side of the car, the biggest difference is the second door, of course, with a door-handle design that is highly reminiscent of the one that appears on another Mahindra product: the KUV 100. The door also has an interesting swoop to the shoulder which, Mahindra claim, has been designed that particular way so that the cabin feels roomier and more open from the inside.

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