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The Lamborghini SCV12 hypercar will be revealed soon and is set to be the most intense iteration of the Sant’Agata V12 super sports car yet..

Lamborghini SCV12 Hypercar

Macchina Veloce: if Tracy Chapman sang in Italian…

Lamborghini don’t do ordinary and everyday. They do jaw-dropping and exceptional even on the entry models and, yes, most of those can be used every day. From posters adorning the walls in homes of young enthusiasts to accessories and memorabilia in the pockets and on desktop wallpapers of people of all ages, Automobili Lamborghini have always found the way to blend excellence with exclusivity and create something incredible. A feast for the eyes, and for the other senses, too. Now, though, while the Reventon and its Roadster counterpart may have been limited to 20 units, and the Veneno to just three – Three! – cars, the Lamborghini SCV12 is a limited edition of a different kind. It will be limited to the track and won’t see the road.

Lamborghini SCV12 Hypercar

This limited-edition, track-only Lamborghini SCV12 hypercar is set to hit the track for its world premiere scheduled for the European summer of 2020. It is packed with the most powerful naturally-aspirated V12 engine to date, with a fury of 830 hp and an expected 750+Nm of torque, all without a turbocharger or any sort of blower. Yes, the SC in the name isn’t for “supercharger” but for “Squadra Corsa” – their racing division.

The Lamborghini SCV12 has been designed by Centro Stile Lamborghini and assembled entirely within the Lamborghini factory in the heart of Italy. As is evident from the images, it has all the virtues of a flagship Lamborghini going beyond the realm of the supercar with its sharp, edgy design with cutting-edge aerodynamic efficiency – literally in that sense. The vents, slats, diffuser and huge rear wing are testimony to that. The powerplant is expected to be a worked-upon 6.5-litre V12 and not a slightly larger displacement engine. It should pack four-wheel drive as well; maximum traction is, of course, something that will help its agility, doubtless. However, the details remain to be seen so watch this space.

Lamborghini SCV12 Hypercar

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