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Hyundai Motors will share their ‘Expanding Human Reach’ concept with complies of working with robotics and the metaverse at CES 2022.

The Korean auto manufacturer’s new metamobility vision is all about going beyond physical movements with both robotics in the real world as well as a vision for the metaverse. Everything from robotic tech, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving to automobiles becoming smart access devices on the metaverse platform can be expected by this concept.

Hyundai Motors have recently acquired the controlling interest in the robotics company, Boston Dynamics. This is the same company that has been shocking the world with its athletic and dancing robots. Hence, we can expect some magic arriving from this venture by Hyundai Motors. Then comes the aspect of virtual reality with the metaverse when one may overcome physical limitations. All-in-all a very interesting idea is being brewed within Hyundai Motors and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.


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