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Lexus have unveiled their new compact crossover at the Geneva Motor Show – the UX.

The new Lexus claims to be a free-spirited compact crossover that is expertly aimed at the modern urban explorer who seeks a fresh, contemporary and dynamic take on a luxury lifestyle. The UX marks a series of technical innovations, and utilises the new global architecture platform called GA-C. The new platform delivers high structural rigidity and a low centre of gravity, which means the new car will provide a better ride quality while enhancing stability and handling characteristics.

The new Lexus UX sports bold lines and creases, with its fair share of sharp elements that typify modern Lexus design language. It will be offered with an all-new powertrains, being deployed for the first time: a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol in the UX 200, which boasts of a high thermal efficiency that will benefit fuel economy, and the hybrid UX 250h, that uses a new mid-power, fourth-generation self-charging hybrid system.

The design for the new Lexus UX aims at providing the sense of security expected of a crossover, while equally communicating its agility and fun-to-drive qualities; resulting in a model with a unique identity. Lexus claim their aim was not to conform to the established, solid crossover look, but to achieve a compact design that was both strong and stylish, breaking the convention of this segment. Their design ideas can be seen in the new crossover’s styling: the front and rear wings flare strongly outward in relation to the car’s basic stature. The exterior of the car is both simple and captivating. The Lexus UX has many striking details — the daytime running lights which follow the traditional Lexus L-shape signature, and the spindle grille with its new block-shape mesh pattern that give a three-dimensional look which changes depending on viewing angle.

The new UX also uses the world’s first aerodynamic design details, which is a new approach by the brand to achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance. The rear combination tail-lamps, wheel-arch mouldings, and even more aerodynamic wheels. The Aero Stabilising Blade Lights in the rear incorporate fins that prevent airflow from wrapping around the rear of the vehicle. While the wheel-arch mouldings have flat sides and steeped top sections, which generate airflow that helps keep the vehicle stable and reduce body-roll. The UX’s aluminium wheels have an aerodynamic design that helps keep the brakes cool and reduce wind resistance.

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Lexus claim the interior of the UX makes both the car and driver connect. The designers have tried to eliminate the boundary between the exterior and interior, creating seamless continuity. Its origins lie in a traditional Japanese concept which blurs the boundary between inside and outside of a house. The human-centred approach applies a ‘seat-in control’ concept which focuses operation of all vehicle functions around the driver’s side of the cabin. The UX also has slimmer A-pillar moulding to improve visibility. The leather upholstery is inspired by ‘Sashiko’, a traditional quilting technique used in the making of traditional judo and kendo martial-arts uniforms.

The new long-stroke 1,986-cc four-cylinder D-4S petrol engine arrives in the UX. In the UX 250h, it makes 145 PS at 6,000 rpm and 180 Nm at 4,400 rpm, along with the new fourth-generation self-charging hybrid system which develops a combined peak output of 178 PS. Power is sent to either the front wheels or to the E-Four all-wheel-drive system in the UX 250h using the new Direct-Shift CVT automatic, with an additional electric motor on the rear axle. The UX 250h is equipped with Predictive Efficient Drive, a Lexus-first system which analyses the driver’s driving habits and he expected road and traffic conditions to optimise charging and discharging the hybrid battery. The car also collects data the more it is driven which contributes to a greater fuel efficiency.

The UX 200 features the engine tuned up to deliver 171 PS at 6,600 rpm and 205 Nm at 4,800 rpm. It is paired to the CVT driving the front wheels.

The Lexus UX measures 4.495 mm long, 1,840 mm wide, 1,520 mm high and runs a 2,640 mm wheelbase, putting it in the realm of the Volvo XC40, Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA-Class.

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