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Ez4EV Pvt Ltd (easy-for-electric vehicles) is an energy management company and developer of innovative solutions for the EV charging sector. They have designed and developed decentralized clean power generating platforms using solar/CNG/CBG (Compressed Bio-Gas).

After their first offering of EzUrja Mobile – the ultra-fast mobile EV charging solution, this is another innovation introduced for BESS-based (Battery Energy Storage System) EV charging services, both static and mobile.

Ez4EV’s proprietary battery-integrated EV charging technology, EzUrja Static, addresses constraints of the grid by packaging charging infrastructure, grid infrastructure, and energy storage into a fully-integrated compact solution. Utilizing CNG stations, CGDs (City Gas Distribution), or biogas for localized power input to the BESS-based EzUrja ensures power availability anywhere in the urban or rural space, making the transition to EV viable by eliminating range anxiety.

EzUrja Mobile EV Charger is integrated with their patented Li-ion battery and EzPyramid’s proprietary Powertronics. The EV chargers and switching technology starts from 50 kWh and goes up to 250 kWh. The unit offers GBT/CCS1(Combined Charging System combo 1)/CCS2 (Combined Charging System combo 2) and CHAdeMO (if required) connectors, which can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. By July 2022, the company will roll out EzUrja Mobile 50-, 100- and 200-kWh models for passenger vehicles, commercial fleets and bus fleet operators.

The company also aims to deploy more than 300 EzUrja Mobile ultra-fast battery-integrated DC-DC EV chargers, over 100 EzUrja static solar/CBG/CNG-based integrated EV chargers, and more than 10,000 ultra-fast static EV Chargers (60 kWh – 240 kWh) by 2024.

Ashhok Kapoor, Chief Business Officer of Ez4EV Group stated, ‘Our focus is to ensure clean energy, regulated and at-ease charging service to all EV owners. We shall be offering customized products and solutions through our proprietary technology for state-of-the-art BESS, and EV charger technology, supported by more than 75 service centres nationwide. The Green Energy alternates shall ensure 100 per cent decentralized clean energy contributing fully towards carbon capture, COP26 commitments, SDG guidelines, and a healthier planet for all.’

Story: Alshin Thomas

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