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Delhi hosts the first-ever facility to offer drive-through Coronavirus testing in India.
This form of testing has been seen as a safe way to test masses for COVID-19 without risking contamination at the test facility, and as such, has been deployed en masse across the world. The initiative in Delhi is being executed by Dr Dangs Lab, one of the first private labs to receive government permission to deploy Coronavirus testing in the country. The drive-through testing facility is located in West Punjabi Bagh in Delhi and costs Rs 4,500 in accordance with government-mandated pricing directives.

Patients who have received a doctor’s prescription to acquire a COVID-19 test have to fill an online form with proof of prescription, answer a questionnaire about the symptoms they are facing, and fill in the vehicle make and model and registration details before visiting the drive-through facility. Once they arrive at the facility, they have to park within a box marked out on the road alongside the sample collection booth. The patient remains in the car as medical personnel collect samples through the window. The results of the test are available via email within 36 hours of the test being performed. Only private cars are allowed into the facility, two-wheelers, rickshaws, and taxis are not permitted due to higher the risk of contamination.

Hopefully, the success of this facility will spur more testing labs to establish drive-through Coronavirus testing in India.

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Image source: Dr Dangs Lab


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