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The all-new BMW 220d Gran Coupe is the latest entrant into the portfolio and it sits pretty in its price bracket as the only offering with fresh styling and a potent diesel engine.

BMW 220d Gran Coupe

Story: Jim Gorde
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

Yes, the BMW 220d Gran Coupe is a front-wheel drive BMW four-door and, yes, it does drive like a proper BMW too. With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

BMW 220d Gran Coupe

Aspirational brands continue to make things a little easier for those seeking a badge of honour. The Bavarian flag unfurled and encircled on the bonnet and the large kidney-grille face that goes with it seem to be high priority for those seeking a mix of luxury and driving pleasure. However, there’s more to it. Unlike some premium and luxury brands, BMW have been taking multiple routes; a fact that I appreciate a lot. While most are now sticking to petrol, BMW go ahead and give one a choice of petrol, diesel, and even hybrid.

The 2 Series arrived with the most potent iteration, the M2 Competition, and that was an absolute thrill. However, two doors and a 400+ horsepower straight-six petrol with tail-happy rear-wheel drive are not for everybody. The new BMW 220d Gran Coupe, then, is the more practical, everyday take on the 2 and it’s quite a different automobile.

Firstly, the proportions are similar to C-segment offerings widely seen on Indian roads. However, the four-door, sloping-roof, premium-build, and potent-engine combination astounds. It looks unlike anything on the road. The “F44” 2 Series’ design is sharp, aggressive, and fresh, all in one breath. It’s got signature BMW elements and the little “M” badge ― pointing to its “M Sport” trim package ― gives it a subtle yet weighted distinction. The LED headlights and fog-lights look neat and an integral part of its aggressive persona. The radiator grilles between them have wide gaps between the matte aluminium-look slats for its breathing needs. And the potent TwinPower Turbo’d engine behind there needs all the fresh air it can get.

BMW 220d Gran Coupe

The BMW 220d Gran Coupe has a four-pot turbo-diesel with 190 hp and 400 Nm. An eight-speed automatic drives the front wheels and does quite a job of keeping the feeling alive. The 220d has a sporty layout with all the elements one seemingly looks for these days ― lots of screens and a sunroof. That apart, the M-laced key fob is needed to get in as there is no smart entry. Once inside, the cabin feels snug, yet offers decent space ― measured, it’s just as generous, if not more generous, than the 3 Series’ ― with longitudinal spacing for front occupants being more than adequate. The rear, though, is a tight fit for normal-sized adults and the doors barely opened enough for me to fit through. Head room, even with the scooped-out roof sections, is not for full-size adults. However, with the centre tunnel design (for the xDrive variant and for added rigidity for the floor-pan) the rear middle seat is best for a child. So, it’s essentially a 2+2 2 Series and the most fun is to be had at the wheel.

BMW 220d Gran Coupe

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