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The Nissan Magnite design has us waiting for it to arrive and we had the opportunity to interact with Kei Kyu, Nissan Future Design Director, about what all went into it.

Nissan Magnite Design - Kei Kyu

The Magnite is the latest compact SUV doing the rounds and grabbing headlines. The Nissan Magnite design has some modern takes and sharp features that accentuate its SUV stance. It will be based on the new compact modular platform and feature a front-engine-front-drive (FF) layout. However, the design department has ensured the Magnite will stand out in its class with its unique styling elements and purposeful stance.

Nissan Magnite Design

The Nissan Magnite design direction is inspired by three main traits or values – kabuku, sui, and inase – which translate to the design going boldly against established social convention and being a dynamic and vibrant form. This was further inspired by the vibrant Indian culture. Thus, the Nissan Magnite design was penned to the principle of “dynamic solidity” – to express lightness and agility but exude a confident and sturdy presence that protects in an urban environment. These qualities are embodied in the face, large front grille and prominent shoulder line with a higher centre of gravity. These give it an imposing presence and amplify its SUV genes.

Nissan Magnite Design

The interior and packaging was another major focal point for the Nissan Magnite design brief. It had to match the leaner, cleaner and pure exterior with similar elements accentuating its character within, while ensuring a “perceived roominess” with cabin space from a class above. These are materialized in the high command eye position, higher couple distance – or space between passengers – and rear knee room from a class above. The Magnite needed to feel wider and spacious and increase the open feeling by changing the shape of elements.

The Magnite features a lean elements – steering wheel with lean spokes that host controls, sleek air vents, dashboard design and trim, and a striking centre console with a lever and an engine start/stop button. See more of the Nissan Magnite design here.

Nissan Magnite Design

The Magnite has gone from sketch to production fairly quickly, considering the delays of the pandemic and we can’t wait to see the production model soon. Expect a compact petrol engine, natural or turbocharged, to bring the power. Nissan chose not to comment about future powertrain electrification or hybridization.

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