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All-new Aston Martin TM01 V6 petrol hybrid powertrain for the new Valhalla undergoes dyno-test.

Aston Martin TM01

Aston Martin TM01 in Valhalla

Future hypercar alert! The legendary British luxury brand’s new Valhalla, “son of Valkyrie”, is set to get the all-new Aston Martin TM01 turbo-petrol V6 hybrid powertrain and that has undergone intense dyno-testing recently. And the result was nothing short of red-hot performance.

Aston Martin TM01

The new Aston turbo-petrol V6, codenamed “TM01”, has been designed and engineered by Aston Martin keeping in mind future propulsion needed. The Aston Martin TM01 is part of a plug-in hybrid set-up raring to go in their new, more accessible offering — compared to the Valkyrie, of course. The 3.0-litre unit is a compact “hot in V” engine that has its turbochargers nestled inside the V-angle of the two banks of three cylinders. It weighs less than 200 kg. Thanks to electrification, it is also set to meet future Euro 7 emission norms.

Aston Martin TM01

You may watch the teaser video right here:


Aston Martin also confirmed the temporary suspension of all manufacturing operations at their UK facilities in line with the latest Government instructions on the fight against COVID-19. The business has taken this difficult but appropriate action determined to fully support the UK Government’s measures on slowing the spread of COVID-19 and, crucially, to protect the health and safety of its workforce, its suppliers, and their families. The period of manufacturing suspension is initially planned until 20 April 2020, however, they will continue to review the situation and will look to resume operations as soon as it is reasonable to do so.


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