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The all-new Maserati GranCabrio has been unveiled as the open-top version of its coupe twin, the beautiful GranTurismo.

The Maserati GranCabrio comes with the “Nettuno” 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that puts out 550 hp and 650 Nm. This is the most powerful engine offered with the GranTurismo. The Trident’s new convertible is fully made in Italy and is based on its closed-top twin.

The Maserati GranCabrio’s roof is available in five colours and is made of fabric hence it only takes up as little space as possible when it automatically gets stored in the trunk with the push of a button. The whole process takes 14 seconds and can be operated even while driving at speeds of up to 50 km/h. A short throwback—the convertible variant of Maserati’s first road-going sports car, the 3500 GT, was unveiled at the 1959 Geneva Motor Show. This just shows how long the Trident have been at it with their experience on building cars and providing experiences that can be offered by the convertible version of a car that has been the protagonist of a story spanning more than 60 years.

The “open-air experience” as referred to by Maserati can be operated from the central display via a touch button for complete control. Maserati have given attention to even the slightest things like the neck warmer. Yes, the GranCabrio comes with an innovative neck warmer as a standard feature, to heat the driver and passenger’s necks at three different levels of intensity.

One of the optional extras on the GranCabrio is the wind stopper, which can be used with two passengers and can be folded manually. When the top is open, the wind stopper, as its name suggests, reduces the formation of turbulence inside the cabin. Maserati say since the GranCabrio was created alongside the GranTurismo, it is the result of the encounter between impeccable efficiency and the natural beauty of a car that over time has remained faithful to its identity, which is, a monarch of style with the classic proportions typical of the Modena-based brand’s cars, while remaining cutting edge as the keeper of best-in-class mechanics and the latest technology.


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