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The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been launched in foreign markets with a journey to India on the cards soon. Yes, the uber-premium luxury car arrives with a new look, comfy enough to mellow a polar bear, and a stunning list of features thump sweet lullabies into one’s soul when on the road. “Ah, I gotta get me one of these!”.

Now, there is enough to write about here to take until November to get through, so let’s just consider the basics. We shall have a review of this beaut once launched in India. The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be powered by an M 256 in-line six-cylinder engine fitted with the integrated Starter-Generator (ISG). ISG handles boost and energy recovery with keeping fuel economy in mind. This system tech in the hybrid car would put Dexter’s lab out of business. Power figures of the Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC stand at 435 hp and 520 Nm of torque. Enough to please the speed demon within oneself. In addition, the EQ Boost gives a further 250 Nm of torque and 22 hp for a short period initially. We shall keep you updated with the other engine options available soon.

However, being an S-Class, comfort is paramount. Yes, there are the plushest interior full of tech in every corner allowing you to stand toe-to-toe with the BMW 7-Series and Audi A8 for that ol’ masculine tango. But, Mercedes-Benz have worked a ton on the suspension too, with Mercedes-Benz’s fully active E-Active body control setup. This system enhances comfort as well as stability of the vehicle, but, also built to improve protection in the case of a lateral collision. This works by the car raising itself up to three inches within tenths of a second to reduce loads on the door structures. Of course, this is just the tip of this stunning ice-berg.

Back to the interiors, we find Mercedes-Benz having fitted their ‘Fit and Healthy’ approach to comfort which sorts out a number of variables in search for the most stress-free journey depending upon conditions. Changes are made based on personal preferences and surroundings outside the car. An example of this would be selecting ‘Invigorating’ when on a long and lifeless stretch of road to keep one alert. All these can be carried out by a press of a button or a simple voice command. You can be assured that there is a whole lot more to add, which we shall cover once we get our eyes and hands on this premium motored chariot.

Pricing for the previous-gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class started at Rs 1.35-crore ex-showroom for the 350 dL variant. Pricing for the new version would lie around the same region give or take. Keep an eye on this space for more information on the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class and all it offers.


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