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A Korean challenger enters the bustling compact SUV arena. It’s spacious, practical, and promises more convenience and comfort than the rest. Does it all add up as it should? We get exclusive access to Hyundai’s ground-breaking compact SUV.

Story: Jim Gorde
Photography: Sanjay Raikar


The best of both worlds. How often have we heard that phrase? Most often, it is used with reference to a house in the country close to the highway, or, recently, even the combination of a pizza and a burger. What it implies in the true sense and in the real world is a crossover of benefits.

Large vehicles have always been, secretly or not, desired by everyone from little children to mothers with many little children. Road presence? Safety? Big feel? Yes, they had that, but they also had a lot of bulk and were plagued by the worst handling money could buy. Show it a muddy corner and, like a big dog, it would want to roll over in it, worse, taking said mother and little children along for the ride.

What’s changed? Vehicles can be large, yet still handle like cars. Not everyone needs a two-and-a-half-tonne 4×4 to take on a wet road and a puddle or three, no. They could simply do with high ground clearance, wide enough tyres, more predictable car-like handling, and, while they’re at it, more space and a big car feel too. Enter the crossover. No more ladder-on-frame, three-row, knees-in-your-face seating nonsense, it was time for a change. With a larger monocoque to work with, there can be a big car with all the creature comforts and space for passengers and cargo, just like the massive SUV. Except, this one is more comfortable, doesn’t guzzle fuel to the tune of single-figure km/litre and is actually drivable in all weather conditions.

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Following in the footsteps of the Tucson and ix35, Hyundai have created the new Creta, which takes several of its ‘Fluidic’ design cues from its larger sibling, the Santa Fe. The exterior proportions look generous, and they are. The three-slat chromed front grille is flanked by a projector combination headlamp cluster. The rising shoulder-line makes is look far more angular and sharp than the Santa Fe as well as the old Tucson; the only compact SUV offering from Hyundai India in the past. Flared wheel-arches are joined by 16” wheels and 205/65 rubber. Braking duties are handled by a set of discs at the front and drums at the rear. Don’t bother looking for a rear differential, there isn’t one. The Creta is purely front-wheel drive.

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