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The Mulsanne, launched in 2010, has its fair share of fans.

While many fans of the British marque believe that the car doesn’t need a cosmetic touch-up yet, it’s innards could certainly benefit with a slight push in the right direction.

Expect an announcement at this years Paris Motor Show pertaining to the Mulsanne getting the aforementioned push. The current car is no slouch, with it’s unique ‘six and a three-quarters’ litre twin-turbo V8 heart churning out 512 PS and 1,020 Nm of torque. However, that number is expected to grow to 557 PS.

Not only the engine, but the body too will be treated with the same weight saving techniques as used in the 2014 Flying Spur. This could very well result in the car shaving off almost half a second in its 0-100 km/h run.

It is yet not clear if this more powerful version is a sports version of the normal car, as the rumours are portraying. It may very well be just an update. Also, the Euro-6 standards will be applied this year, which will definitely cause Bentley to tread carefully around any engine update they may have planned. The pricing details will be released at a later date, once the update has been officially confirmed.

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