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The new Volkswagen Virtus brings in seemingly what everyone wants in a car. How much of a difference can this exciting new model make to the sedan segment?

Volkswagen Virtus

Several cars today feel like they have a lot but still have that nagging feeling like something’s missing; like the last piece or few pieces of the puzzle simply aren’t there. The new Volkswagen Virtus manages to cover all the bases while excelling at the one thing most forget to remember—a car was meant to be driven.

The new Virtus has come at a crucial time. A time when the car industry is apparently on the brink of a transition en masse to an electric ecosystem which will change how the car fits into society. Yet, the enthusiast—the one who wants to drive, unlike those who simply need to commute and lack access to clean and dependable public transport—wants to feel what it is like to drive a proper car. The definitive car which a child draws when asked to draw a “car”. In a sea of pseudo SUVs, the sedan body style is not dead. Quite the contrary. It’s alive and kicking hard!

The Volkswagen Virtus brings everything an enthusiast needs in a car. The sleek styling, contemporary sedan silhouette, modern design elements, elegant and spacious interior and storage, thoughtful ergonomics and layout, and a high level of comfort and safety, apart from the punchy petrol engine and slick transmission, are all the things one would ever need. Those are the old-school essentials. There are the new-age features, too; all boxes ticked. LED lighting, touchscreen and voice controls, a premium audio system, a sunroof, ventilated seats, navigation, smartphone connectivity, wireless charging, plus ABS, cruise control, traction control and the full complement of airbags all make the Virtus a package that brings together elements in a way that even many premium sport-luxury cars cannot manage. And I haven’t even begun to discuss the driving dynamics yet.

Volkswagen Virtus

The Volkswagen Virtus is based on the global giant’s MQB platform and that means robust build, exceptional strength and rigidity, and—with siblings such as the Polo R and Golf GTI—inherently excellent driver engagement. The Virtus feels planted, yet is responsive and agile. It can gather speed in a hurry, thanks to its choice of punchy yet efficient 115-hp 1.0 TSI or smooth and potent 1.5 TSI in the GT variant with 150 hp and 250 Nm, handle changes of direction with ease, shed speed in drama-free fashion, and feel great doing it all.

That’s just it. It’s feels complete. No stone unturned. Apart from the incredible ride quality and impressive handling and performance, what got my attention was the attention to detail, more particularly, the seating comfort. At 4,561 millimetres long, the Virtus is much larger than the Vento it replaces. It also translates into a substantial increase in leg room and overall occupant comfort. The seats are wide and offer excellent support, especially considering the design and the lower-back element that offers proper cradling of the spine and outstanding ride comfort even after many hundreds of kilometres on the move.

Volkswagen Virtus cockpit

That said, both engine choices offer incredible fuel efficiency. The smaller 1.0 TSI is a given, yes, but the 1.5 TSI EVO, with linear turbo boost pressure, Active Cylinder Technology and intelligent start-stop, can almost match its smaller counterpart, while also bringing a lot more to the table.

The VW Virtus is a landmark car. One that comes at a time when many needed a reminder of what a car really is; what it needs to be. And considering its price, the Virtus is, and I do not say this lightly, a complete car.

Volkswagen Virtus rear

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