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The third-generation Continental Axle Drive is headed for mass production, the automotive technology major has announced. The Axle Drive unit integrates an electric motor, power electronics and reduction gear and will be available in two output choices.

Continental Axle Drive

With the growing electric push, envelopes are being pushed and things, as always, are becoming smaller, lighter, more efficient and more potent simultaneously. With the third-generation of the Continental Axle Drive, the tech and component major has developed a credible solution for the growing demands of electric mobility. Essentially, Axle Drive is a single unit that integrates three critical components of a high-voltage electric driveline, with a battery providing the source of power. It weighs less than 80 kg. The electric motor, the one that mobilizes all that electricity, will be available in two output choices: 120 kW (163 PS) and 150 kW (204 PS) with up to 270 Nm and 310 Nm on offer respectively. The outputs match those of conventional 2.0-litre turbo engines with zero-emission performance on the road. For optimum efficiency, the e-motor and power electronics are liquid-cooled. The peak power isn’t the highlight, however. What’s most needed is the amount of continuous or sustained output the motor can deliver. For Axle Drive, that is in the range of 60-65 kW (82-88 PS) which, when considering the generous accompanying torque output, should deliver more than adequate performance for every application.

Continental Axle Drive

The Continental Axle Drive unit can be used in any car with the requisite provisions. It simplifies the driveline by only needing to be connected to the battery pack and wired to the user interface, primarily, among other details such as secondary connections. Due to its compact size, performance data and characteristics, it is suitable for a number of vehicle types and concepts. The new drive module will feature in a small European car and several compact SUVs from Asian manufacturers later this year. In addition to these new electric vehicles from traditional names, the new Continental Axle Drive will also be seen in the Sion electric vehicle from German start-up Sono Motors. The Sion is the first series-produced electric vehicle to have solar cells integrated into its body allowing the car to produces electric energy self-sufficiently, which also extends its range.

Continental Axle Drive
The Sion from Sono Motors will use Continental Axle Drive

We should see more of the new Continental Axle Drive in the near future so watch this space.

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