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The Volkswagen Taigun has become one of the winning-est cars of all time for Volkswagen India and for good reason. Here’s why it has won awards all over the country from all the big names, including Car India‘s own big award, the prestigious “Automobile of the Year”.

Volkswagen Taigun yellow front

The Volkswagen Taigun had been teased for some time and created quite a buzz of its own—pun most certainly intended. The much-awaited car finally went on sale last year and got the ball rolling for Volkswagen. It won hearts for everything from its styling and capability to its new-generation engines, advanced technology, safety, and convenience. It’s made right here at Chakan, about 40 kilometres east of where I’m sitting as I write this. It is key to note that the Taigun won not one but two prestigious awards at the Car India Awards: the Compact SUV of the Year and the big one, the Automobile of the Year. And it wasn’t just us. Many of our peers across the industry felt the same way. So, what does the Taigun bring that makes it such a winner?

Why the Taigun?

It’s not about one sole aspect. Anyone can offer hundreds of features in a car that feels like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle or add some premium features and styling bits in a car whose front suspension doesn’t know what its rear counterpart is doing. It takes more than just sticking in a bunch of stuff, which the company expects people will lap up, and bolting it all together. Planned cohesive effort and a harmony of decisions and componentry will always make for a result that feels much, much more than the sum of its parts. That’s where the Taigun scores big-time!

The Volkswagen Taigun came around and got people hustling. It did so with ease, for it is a car that strikes a balance between every essential aspect and a lot of expected traits. Here’s what it is about.

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