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Here is how our Tata Nexon is performing

My first experience with the Nexon was when I was assigned tracking driver duty during one of our photo shoots.

Variant: XZ+
Driven: 22,750 kilometres
Like: Dimensions, entertainment system, road presence
Dislike: Inconvenient storage spaces, plastic quality

While the photographer shot pictures from the back seat, I was asked to drive uphill as smoothly as possible. Although initially apprehensive, I was pleasantly surprised when the Nexon climbed up the slope in second gear without begging for a downshift. Since then, I have spent many kilometres in the car and even undertaken a few trips to Mumbai. Long drives on the highway never had a dull moment thanks to the eight-speaker-strong infotainment system.

Moving on to everyday city use, I was able to switch lanes easily in slow-moving traffic (especially when stuck behind trucks), thanks to the visibility from the cabin, light steering, and the car’s compact dimensions. It gave me confidence to manoeuvre it out of tight spots and quickly merge into a faster lane.

The other useful aspects of the Nexon include its ground clearance and suspension set-up. They encouraged me to take a shorter, albeit unpaved, route home on more than one occasion.

It was not all sunshine because a few issues cropped up during our term with the Nexon. Even after turning the car off and locking it, the radio stayed on unless I remembered to turn it off manually. Further down the line, the car failed to detect the key fob and could not be started. Although Tata rectified that issue promptly, the glitch with the radio continued to torment us.

Space was never really an issue with the Nexon. There was enough room for a family and a lot of storage space. Personally, I found some of these cubbyholes quite annoying because they were not easily within reach or accessible for me. It gave me the impression that Tata may have designed these spaces specifically for people of a smaller stature.

Save these minor inconveniences, the Nexon was a fairly reliable workhorse and a comfortable choice for a quick runabout.

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About the author: Joshua Varghese


Would gape at fast cars. Still does but now has a chance to drive some of them. Hates driving in traffic but makes up for with a spot of off-roading or the occasional track outing. Insta: @motoknight


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