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The MG Gloster brings autonomous driving Level 1 to the SUV segment in India but how does it fare in our environment?
New MG Gloster ADAS is Future Ready - Car India price specs autonomous Level 1

We drove the MG Gloster and it proved to be fairly impressive with its sheer size, the comfort it offers, its decent off-road abilities, and the long list of features it brings. However, during our drive, we did not get to dive deep into the Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS), so here we explore this futuristic tech that is set to transform the way we drive.

Autonomous driving is essentially a future-ready technology that uses a series of cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and some cutting-edge computing that scans the surrounding to keep the car and driver secure. Many of these vehicles can drive on their own without human intervention but the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has classified autonomous driving in six levels — starting from the basic Level 0 to the top Level 6. The MG Gloster holds the honour of being the first premium SUV with Level 1 of autonomous driving to be introduced in India. With Level 1 autonomy, the Gloster has plenty of autonomous features but they require the driver’s inputs to control the car. Let’s take a look at some of them.

New MG Gloster ADAS is Future Ready - Car India price specs autonomous Level 1

Adaptive Cruise Control: The Gloster’s advanced cruise control (ACC) system doesn’t just let you increase or decrease the set speed on the go, but it continuously maintains the distance from the vehicle in front for additional safety. Moreover, the driver can adjust this distance to their comfort. This intelligent system even understands when the car is approaching a traffic signal and it gradually applies the brakes for you till it comes to a standstill. Tap the accelerator and the ACC gets activated again and you’re back on the go. This system works from 0 to 150 km/h, which makes long-distance driving a breeze.

New MG Gloster ADAS is Future Ready - Car India price specs autonomous Level 1

Autonomous Emergency Braking: Just in case the driver doesn’t react to the alerts from the Front Collision Warning, the MG calls upon its Autonomous Emergency Braking system that applies the brakes at once to help avoid an accident. This system works below 40 km/h and in case you are going faster, the system still applies the brake to bring down the speed drastically. This one is an absolute life-saver!

Lane Departure Warning
: This cool safety feature works above 60 km/h where the front camera and the radar system read the road lines and keep the Gloster secure within the lane. In case the car drifts off the lane, the system alerts the driver instantaneously. But this clever system doesn’t raise an alarm while taking a turn with indicators on and can be switched off if the driver finds it too distracting.
New MG Gloster ADAS is Future Ready - Car India price specs autonomous Level 1

Front Collision Warning: Even if you have the ACC switched off, the safety net remains engaged in the form of a Front Collision Warning. The multiple cameras and sensors constantly scan the road ahead and are quick to judge if there is a chance of collision with a vehicle in front and it alerts the driver at once. This ensures that your prized Gloster steers clear of scratches and dents.

Auto Park Assist: Finally, when you reach your destination, the Gloster takes care of the tedious parking duties as well. Employing its strong computing power and ultrasonic sensors, the MG helps you park with unbelievable ease. The large SUV detects various obstacles around the car and manoeuvres through them into the parking spot perfectly. The autonomous system even manages the steering as you just sit back and follow the instructions to feather the brakes or switch from drive to reverse as prompted.

MG have made ADAS more accessible to car buyers in India. The feature-packed Gloster has managed to bring luxury car features to the segment, paving the way for other manufacturers to follow suit. Priced aggressively between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 36 lakh (ex-showroom), this full-size SUV comes with a host of other features such as an on-demand four-wheel drive with rear differential and BorgWarner transfer case. Not to mention creature comforts like a 12.3-inch touchscreen display connected to 12 speakers, eight-inch instrument cluster, driver seat massage system, three-zone climate control, panoramic sunroof, and MG’s new iSMART connected car features.
No wonder the MG Gloster won Car India’s “Premium SUV of the Year” award for the great value it provides.

New MG Gloster ADAS is Future Ready - Car India price specs autonomous Level 1

MG Gloster 2.0 Twin Turbo Diesel
Price: Rs 30 lakh onwards (ex-showroom)
Engine: 1996 cc in-line four, turbo-diesel
Max Power: 218 hp at 4000 rpm
Max Torque: 480 Nm at 1500-2400 rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed, automatic, all-wheel drive
Suspension: Independent,
dual helix front, multi-link rear
Weight: NA


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