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We take a look at the new 2021 Škoda Octavia to get an idea of what is to be expected from the entry-level luxury sedan.

The luxury sedan. Ah, yes. That gleeful option for the mature soul, offering a pleasant and pampered journey. With a blend of opulent grandeur and performance, these machines generally come with a price tag that scares most people. What one would need is a halfway point between the demand made on one’s wallet and plushness. What one needs is a new sedan that screams this very point. What one needs is the new Škoda Octavia.

Ever since its launch two decades ago, the Octavia has always retained luxury as one of its characteristics. Well-built, sturdy, a supremely comfortable interior, and a full set of features to make competitors wobbly in the knees were the aspects at the core of the Octavia’s selling point. Now, in 2021, we are about to receive the new fourth-gen 20 year anniversary Octavia which promises to bridge the gap between value for money and luxury. The new Škoda Octavia will be an entry-level luxury sedan punching well above its weight and offering all the goodies one expects from any offering associated with the word “luxury” today.

But what comes under the “luxurious” tag in 2021? Well, for starters, exterior appeal; a vehicle with modern design cues yet with elegance as the predominant factor. Here, as the pictures suggest, Škoda have done an immaculate job, showcased with the smooth lines and non-overbearing chrome accents. However, it is the interior that we really are excited about. Comfortable seats, plush ride, a quiet interior, and enough technology to keep one happy. One can only drool at the thought of what the new Octavia will bring to the table.

Starting with the seats, we feel well-contoured plush leather upholstered units will be of the highest quality and fitted with electronic adjustments. The cabin would also have a reduced amount of noise within, an important aspect for journeys on our traffic-infested car horn-loving roads. In addition, expect the
new Škoda Octavia to be stocked with all the features and goodies we are now used to in more premium offerings. A look at that shift-by-wire gear knob should give one enough insight into this uber premium offering. What the all-new Octavia will be is a more value-for-money choice than all else on offer. An infotainment system for all entertainment needs, a good sound system with Andriod Auto and Apple Carplay for one’s auditory happiness, a dashboard with enough information to stump a mathematician, and laid out in tasteful finesse. Not to forget the convenience of wireless charging.

But none of it would make a difference if the car itself doesn’t ride well. That is where we can expect a supreme solid call from Škoda. Škoda cars have always had a well-built and sturdy feel and we expect the story to continue with the new Octavia. No, it won’t be a corner-hungry maniac, but rather a mature glide with the capability of increasing one’s heartbeat should the need arise. This would be a car that isn’t afraid of road conditions. One that shall allow hovering over the bumps and ditches without even knowing they were there. Weather conditions would not matter either with Škoda’s tremendous temperature control being able to keep one warm or cool, depending upon personal likes and dislikes.

Hence, we shall have an exquisite luxury sedan that offers more than its German counterparts, stacked with even more frills that gracefully proclaim its majesty, a statement of luxurious value. We can’t wait for the introduction of the new 2021 Škoda Octavia.


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