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We bring you a report of what it is like to live with the Renault Kwid for a year.

What is it like to live with the Renault Kwid for a year? Read on to find out.

Variant: Kwid 1.0 RxT(O)

Driven: 7,200 km

Like: Spacious Cabin, Ride Quality, Boot Capacity, Handling, Visual Appeal, Manoeuvrability, Fuel Efficiency

Dislike: Fuel tank capacity, Touchscreen UI, single wiper

It has been a year now since I was assigned the Renault Kwid hatchback for long term use. Be it regular office commute, grocery shopping, occasional road trips, and vagaries of the weather, the compact French car has seen it all. In fact, I can confidently say that it has stood its ground against everything thrown at it. We list down all the good and not-so-good bits about the Renault Kwid 1.0 we experienced in the past one year of rigorous use.

We bring you a report of what it is like to live with the Renault Kwid for a year.

Good: Visually, the Kwid boasts of SUV-like styling that has been brilliantly condensed into its compact dimensions. Its humble proportions enable me to steer it through chaotic traffic and clogged streets effortlessly. Sometimes, it also earns me angry looks from SUV drivers when I manage to comfortably squeeze the Kwid into parking spots that happen to be slightly small for their big cars. Although it does appear somewhat small, the interior is fairly roomy and transports my family comfortably; sometimes on long trips as well.

Good: The infotainment system packs enough features to make it commendable in this segment. A touchscreen console, a good music system, and fairly accurate satellite-navigation made life a lot easier for driver and passengers alike.

Not so good: Of late, the touchscreen has been acting up. Now it requires a firm poke or two to function.

Not so good: On the highway, the Kwid felt like it was out of its depth in the company of fast-moving vehicles.

We bring you a report of what it is like to live with the Renault Kwid for a year.

Good: However, the car maintained its reputable ride quality with dignity when we cruised along at speeds slightly over the triple-digit mark. The 1.0-litre, three-pot engine is frugal and returns enough mileage per litre to put a smile on my face. In bustling city traffic the Kwid returns between 13-14 km/l and on open highways it manages an impressive 22 km/l.

Good: In the past year, we have serviced the car twice. Both trips to the garage required only clean oil and the usual check-up. No major part has been replaced as yet.

Not so good: One of my main concerns with the car emerges during the monsoon. The lone wiper is unable to clean the windshield effectively. Lately, when fully loaded, the underbody of the car has been scraping against speed-humps. I hope Renault attend to these problems in the future.

We bring you a report of what it is like to live with the Renault Kwid for a year.

To summarize, there has been no cause for concern in my one year of usage. Also, ever since my colleagues drove up to Khardung La and back in a Kwid AMT, I have developed tremendous respect for the little car.

Report by: Ramnath Chodankar


About the author: Online Car India



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