BOSCH BOX  Predictive BrakingDeveloped by Bosch, Predictive Emergency Braking System assists in avoiding rear-end collisions and mitigating the consequences. It is based on the networking of a radar sensor with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) or Electronic Stability Control (ESC) continuously analysing the traffic ahead.

A brief distraction or loss of concentration can often be sufficient to cause a rear-end collision. A driver travelling at 80 km/h who is distracted for just one second covers a distance of over 22 metres in this time. In critical situations, seconds are decisive in determining whether the driver can avoid a rear-end collision. Accident research shows that prior to rear-end crashes most drivers do not apply the brake pedal strongly enough or do not apply the brakes at all. Predictive Emergency Braking System becomes active as soon as the vehicle is started, and supports the driver at all speeds – both by day and by night. Nevertheless, the driver still has a responsibility to pay attention and drive carefully at all times.


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