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Škoda Auto India’s sales accelerated to six figures in two years; their fastest yet.

The “INDIA 2.0” project that was launched by Škoda in 2018 certainly seems to have turned things around for the company. Škoda have always been one of India’s major players where premium, high-quality cars are concerned and, over the past two years, they have scaled impressive heights in terms of popularity as well. As many as one lakh cars were sold in the past couple of years. Six-figure sales are not new to Škoda Auto India but this is the shortest time in which they have achieved them.

Volkswagen Group’s modular MQB-A0-IN platform paved the way for two of Škoda Auto India’s most revolutionary products in recent times: the Slavia and the Kushaq. One must appreciate the brilliance of their two-pronged strategy. The Slavia was a shot at reviving the sedan segment which had been sidelined in favour of the practicality offered by sport utility vehicles (SUV) on our roads. At the same time, they also had a sure winner in the mid-size SUV space in the form of the Kushaq. As time has proved, both products were runaway hits. While the Kushaq’s success was expected, the Slavia’s phenomenal ground clearance was one of the major reasons why it was able to appeal to enthusiasts who were on the verge of moving away from that segment. It goes to show how optimizing a product for the indigenous market gains appreciation from the consumers. Furthermore, the past year also witnessed a remarkable improvement in the sales of the Kodiaq luxury SUV, to the tune of 100 per cent over 2022.

Of course, that is not the only way they lived up to their “Explore More” motto. Their sales received a major boost because of the way their customers were treated. It would not be too much to say that it naturally attracted more business. Since 2021, they have expanded their network and customer touchpoint by 100 per cent and that includes some innovative additions such as, Service Cam, a live camera feed of the cars getting serviced and timely updates. The transparency was widely appreciated and to further sweeten the deal, Škoda also ensured that their turn-around time for parts and spares was significantly reduced. They managed to shed the image of a “high maintenance” car by reducing maintenance costs and providing industry-leading warranty of up to eight years and service packages which brought outstanding results to the ownership experience in addition to incredible value for money.

There is one more aspect that has become synonymous with Škoda Auto India and that is their commitment to safety. Today, Škoda are among the most secure cars in their respective segments and, to be frank, they have been for a long time. However, safety awareness is a lot higher these days than it ever was and there are multiple testing standards in place that evaluate different cars on equal footing. In all those tests, Škoda have emerged shining because they collected all the stars available. Both the Slavia and Kushaq scored top marks in Global NCAP and the Kodiaq did the same in Euro NCAP tests.

The numbers say it all: Škoda’s India strategy is a success and not just in the domestic market. Škoda have been able to make significant advances in their export targets as well. The Slavia, Kushaq, and Kodiaq may be the current flag-bearers for the manufacturer in the country but we must also remember some of their best hits over the years. The Octavia and Superb were desirable cars then and continue to hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. There are many who continue to scour the used car market for a good example of the manic Octavia RS model. Then, of course, there is the lovable Yeti. That compact SUV was way ahead of its time and many continue to enjoy drives at the hands of their owners who have seen no reason to part with them over the years. At the current rate, it seems well within reason to expect this manufacturer to break their own record in no time at all.


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