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Make Life Easy for the Ordinary Citizen

THE MOST DEBATED TOPIC AT the moment is the decline in the sales of automobiles across the board, whether two-wheelers, cars or commercial vehicles. A variety of reasons are given for the dip in sales and some of them just do not make any sense at all. They say youngsters are not buying because they prefer to travel by the cab: Ola or Uber. The real issue is that they do not have the money to put down to buy a new car.

The new amendment to the traffic rules is a welcome move to curb the menace of unruly traffic, which is going from bad to worse. Something needs to be done desperately to stop people from violating traffic rules. The high rate of fines for traffic offences is fine, but the same rate of fines for not carrying one’s original registration papers is a little ridiculous. The other day somebody found his car stolen. The thief found the original papers inside the car and he promptly put the car up for sale on one of the trading sites.

Why can’t we have a uniform registration fee across the country and levy road tax on petrol and diesel, so that one does not have to re-register their car when they moves from one state to another? It is a real nightmare to try to get a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the local RTO and then try and re-register the car and pay the road tax. To top that, one has to pay this tax on the original invoice value of the car. If one does not re-register their car, they end up paying a fine or facing the prospect of the car being confiscated by the police or the RTO.

Please make changes that make life a little easy for the ordinary citizen. This will also bring down the price of new cars.


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