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BMW has developed a new driving experience for their high-performance sports car and the new BMW M8 will be one of the first to get the new kit.

New BMW M8 web

BMW has launched a completely new Setup button for the BMW M8 Coupé and M8 Convertible which offers new configuration choices and customized experience for drivers. The main focus of this configuration was at four main points: power, chassis, braking systems and the new “M mode” which offers focused driving on the road and on track. Drivers will now be able to completely adjust the settings suiting their personal preferences. The Setup button can be used to adjust the vehicle settings, and the M Mode allows the displays and driver assistance systems to come into play and can be adjusted by the driver to suit their needs. All these new features combined give the driver a variety of driving experiences from the comfort on a long distance drive to pushing it to its limit on the track. In models that are equipped with the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system, the power distribution between the front and rear can be changed accordingly. The new BMW M8 Coupé and M8 Convertible also offer configuration for braking systems and feel.

New BMW M8 Powertrain and Chassis Systems:
There are five main components that can be tweaked by the driver on the new BMW M8 Coupé and M8 Convertible. Engine, suspension, steering, brakes and M xDrive are the five different options we get that come up with the press of the Setup button located on the centre console, which can also be used via their iDrive controller or the touchscreen. The offered engine settings are between Efficient, Sport, and Sport Plus while the settings for the chassis system are Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. These settings give access to the three profiles for the electronically-controlled dampers.

The BMW M8 Coupé and M8 Convertible have the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system offering the 4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD, the latter of which comes into play when the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is deactivated. Two different configurations can be set and saved giving preference to the driver and can be easily switched with one of the two M buttons on the steering wheel.

New BMW M8 Braking Systems:
BMW’s new integrated braking system brings together the brake activation, brake booster and braking control functions that offer a precise and stable feel to the driver in all conditions. The new braking system in the BMW M8 Coupé and the M8 Convertible gives drivers an option of two settings for pedal feel, Comfort and Sport, which allow the driver to alter the pressure applied by the foot on the pedal to slow down the car. This way the driver can use these modes to get either a comfortable braking experience or an instant and aggressive braking experience.

“M mode” Button:
The M mode button is a new addition along with the Setup button, which gives access to change gear-shift characteristics of the eight-speed automatic transmission accordingly. M mode provides an option between road and sport mode and allows Sport mode to be engaged at the touch of a button. This also disables other systems from interfering, except for the interventions made by the Collision Warning with braking function and the Evasion Assistant which help with the safety. M mode makes the car more track focused and gives the driver all the important information on the screen along with the M-specific engine speed dial and the shift lights. The mode can be changed back to normal by pressing the M button again. Another mode that comes along with the new BMW M8 Competition Coupé and the M8 Competition Convertible is the “Track” mode which should only be used on the racetrack. This mode has to be confirmed from the iDrive controller and once activated, it deactivates all the comfort and safety functions. It also deactivates the audio system and the Control display to make the driver more focused and attentive with the aim of providing a pure and distilled racing feel with the Track setting of the M mode.

We expect to see the new BMW M8 models revealed to the world shortly.

Story: Azaman Chothia


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