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Monster Truck Experience to tour four cities in the country

The American Monster Truck Association is partnering with Mumbai-based Starlight108 Media to introduce the Monster Experience to Indian shores for the first time in 2019. The event has been tentatively scheduled for four cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

The special event is the first phase which will showcase the mad machines in all their glory, while the second phase will work on infrastructure and a league-based format for the sport. This league is being planned by Starlight108 and is meant to cater not just to the Indian market but also other countries in continental Asia.

Monster Truck Experience to tour four cities in the country

Monster trucks are high-powered beasts which stand up to 12 feet tall and measure 20 feet long, sporting those iconic over-sized tyres, which themselves can stand at a height of five feet. These are flamboyant vehicles that scream everything American, and that is just the paint jobs and customizations, let alone the sound these monsters make. Throw in a bunch of obstacles and ramps, and you get five-ton behemoths doing wheelies, jumps, flips and some crushing of your favourite everyday sedan. Oh yes! This it will bring out the inner child in you.

“India is a fascinating and colourful country, we are very delighted to finally come over to India. We will be creating a lot of customized content and formats keeping the Indian market in mind. We will have some of the best trucks which are over 12 feet high and weigh up to five tonnes which will be driven by the world’s wildest and most experienced drivers and I am sure people from all walks of life and all age groups will be amazed seeing these mammoth, mean machines doing some crazy stunts. We have worked on every single aspect of building an India showcase tour for over a year with our Indian partners and feel we are now ready to create something which is going to be a unique, special and exciting experience for all”, said Dale Rev Prochnov, President, American Monster Truck Association.

Monster Truck Experience to tour four cities in the country

The plan is to have a freestyle league and follow that up with local talent for the sport, too. Formats for the show, activities and all the relevant information will be announced early in 2019. Keep an eye on this space for more updates as this is one event we all want to watch. Smiley face.

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