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The MG Comet is the smallest car we have had in our long-term test fleet yet and that is saying something because we have been publishing this monthly magazine for almost 20 years now.

Like its namesake, this one is just as rare. After the first drive in New Delhi in 2023, I kept a sharp lookout for Comets on the road but had more luck spotting supercars. That seems to have changed now, because, over the past couple of months, Pune seems to be warming up to the idea of a small electric car.

It has been a month since I switched from a two-wheeler to the Comet for my daily commute and the results are surprising. A motorcycle/scooter continues to be the fastest way to navigate through Pune’s traffic congestion but the Comet is only a few minutes behind. While there are many things to talk about this compact car, my current favourite is its size. If there is enough space for two motorcycles, there is enough for the Comet too. Life has become easier in terms of parking as well. Parking slots that just about accommodate one car can take two Comets. A thought so amusing that I might actually try it soon.

On cold winter mornings and hot afternoons, life is a lot easier in a Comet than on a two-wheeler but it is not just an upgrade from two wheels. When compared to any other car, the Comet is faster at filtering through traffic and that may get car-owners thinking too. Since MG have considerably reduced the price, some of them may be on the way to book one. More interesting updates coming your way soon.

Edit: 30-05-2024

Driven: 2,050 kilometres
Like: Range accuracy
Dislike: Glitchy electronics

Pune’s citizens make it difficult for us to forget that the MG Comet was launched nearly a year ago. Every now and then, we have someone tapping at the window in excitement, asking about the car and how it is to live with on a daily basis. Similar reactions have come from friends and acquaintances also and the last we heard, a few of them were headed towards a dealership to book one. The interesting bit is that most of them already have a primary car and they are considering this one as a runabout in town.

It is nothing short of epic in town because there are some things that an electric vehicle (EV) does better and most of them are relevant for driving in traffic. The Comet’s acceleration is instantaneous and it gets off the mark without the slightest suggestion of a lag, which means it can make better use of tight overtaking opportunities. Of course, its size is also a major contributing factor.

What I want to highlight in this update is its range. Off a single charge, I was able to drive the car for 140-plus kilometres with 10 per cent charge still left. The air-conditioner, music system, and wireless Apple CarPlay were connected during that entire drive. Most importantly, its range calculation is fairly accurate which has taken away a lot of range-related anxiety. The company claims this car is good enough to return as much as two kilometres for every percentage of charge but in real life it holds good for 1.5 km for every percentage. Which is not too bad, if you ask me. More Comet adventures are coming soon.

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