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 Maruti Suzuki Ignis Long Term Review

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis AGS has proven to be a wonderful little companion that doesn’t shy away from any surface conditions and is among the most easily manoeuvrable cars I’ve ever experienced.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Long Term Review

Almost a year has gone by since the Ignis arrived and I’ve actually enjoyed every day of its presence. From the outset, I was impressed by its utter lack of overhangs, making parking a breeze. The proportions make it so easy car to get used to. Furthermore, the tapering lines top to bottom not only give it a more squat stance, but also make it feel more planted and sure-footed.

Another aspect that needs special mention is its ground clearance. Sitting 180 mm off the ground, together with its rather compact 2,435-mm wheelbase – and those minimal overhangs – mean that the Ignis has some impressive obstacle tackling cred. An approach angle of 20° and a departure angle of 38° (more than some SUVs) together with its 18° breakover angle, mean it can tackle rough roads and even some no-roads off the beaten path with ease. The proof was in the pudding some 50 km away in the outskirts. Heading to a colleague’s new residence, seemingly away from the grid, saw the end of paved roads and a fair bit of the rough stuff. The Ignis managed it all without a furrow of the brow. Makes me wonder what the 4×4 version overseas is like…

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Long Term Review

After over 7,000 km on the clock, the Ignis has proven to be a fun, reliable, and dependable companion. The automated manual transmission is a boon in city traffic and it makes life so much easier in bumper-to-bumper traffic. While this was the Zeta trim, the sound system does work its charm in the aforementioned traffic and the USB interface is an appreciated addition, as is scrolling through folders of a packed pen-drive. It still looks unique even today, a year into the market, and turns heads of those in other hatchbacks. The snazzy roof graphic makes it easy to spot, too.

I will miss the little runabout, having formed quite a bond over the time spent with it. It’s been my companion in some tough times and came through without missing a beat. It’s been through dirt, slush, road-river currents, and seen its fair share of tarmac and twisties. It stays cool under pressure and helps you keep you cool about as well. Should you need a little hatchback for the city and occasional trips out, this one deserves a big second thought.

Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Variant: 1.2 Zeta AGS
Driven: 7,239 km
Like: Convenience, proportions, ride height
Dislike: Price


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