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The next day, we started early to be able to reach Tadoba in time for our pre-booked afternoon safari. The sporty suspension and peppy motor kept the drive entertaining. We could comfortably maintain three-digit speeds on the highway which had acres and acres of cotton fields. Dot on lunchtime, we rolled in at White House Farm and were greeted by our host at the entrance. After some lip-smacking food, we hopped into the safari vehicle and went on our mission to find some tigers in the wild while the Kia took a break for the day.

As you can imagine, tiger reserves are cordoned off with walls and fences and the forest department keeps tight surveillance to keep poachers away. Every morning the gates to the forest and core area are opened to the public. We entered Tadoba through the Kolara gate where most of the sightings have been reported of late. We drove past what looked like an abandoned village and Tulsi, our guide for the safari, explained that the area is called Jaamui which is one of the four villages that have been shifted out of the core area. The government provides not just new land but also offers compensation to the villagers. It’s a noble idea to protect people and wildlife. There are still a couple of more villages inside Tadoba Tiger Reserve and just the thought of spending one night there is frightening for a city dweller like me.

Driving through the forest is a surreal experience. The woods echoed with the sound of birds, insects, monkeys, and deer. Spotted deer, grey langur, and sambar deer posed for our camera, while there was an alligator basking in the sun without a care in the world. The Giant Wood spiders and their massive web seemed straight of out Jumanji. Tulsi pointed out an Arjun tree which had deep claw marks right till the top. The sloth bear climbs this tree to gorge on honey and thus the claw marks.
We drove deeper into the jungle and, to our surprise, spotted a large, black ball of fur just off the unpaved path. A sloth bear! The rather shy animal didn’t seem to mind our company as it continued to sniff out its favourite roots. This was a bit of a consolation, as the mighty tiger still remained elusive.

We soaked in the sounds, sights, and smell of the forest. This is as close to nature as one can be. Just as we were giving up hope, a steak of flaming orange emerged from behind the trees. Like intruders in its territory, all of us froze as the tiger took confident strides like an undisputed king. What a spectacular sight! Seeing this regal creature in the wild, one realizes how truly agile and powerful it is. No wonder the Kia designers were awestruck by the tiger and have brilliantly recreated the aura on their cars like the Seltos.

This has been one of the most thrilling road trips for me. Our search for the tiger has been a successful one and it’s an experience that can’t be expressed in words. The problem is that you’ll probably get hooked on to it and will keep coming back for more. And with such a comfortable, safe and capable car like the Kia Seltos as my companion, I plan to drive to yet another tiger reserve and learn more about this magnificent beast. Wish me luck!


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