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It isn’t just big cats that fascinate me, though, I like a bit of everything, including fascinating species of birds. In that respect I saw some rare species like the Rufous Treepie (which fluttered right over my head), a pair of adorable little scops owls nesting in a tree, a hoopoe just hanging out, and so much more. That wasn’t all either, because we even saw a baby croc sunbathing and, a little later, a full-grown chomper too. While I was quite satisfied with the sightings on the safari, I was glad to be back behind the wheel of the Seltos, its forgiving ride offering a much-needed respite to my back which had taken quite a beating on the jungle runs.

After another restful night, we were all set to depart. However, I couldn’t bear to leave without visiting the famous Ranthambore Fort. Located just inside the forest, this 10th-century fortress is a majestic and soaring construction perched atop a hill and looking over what used to be the hunting grounds of the maharajas of yore. This meant another off-road sojourn and the Seltos was just as fun as ever to drive. And, apparently, the Seltos exudes a sort of animal magnetism, because we had barely parked in front of the fort and gotten out when a langoor decided to climb on top of our car and take a closer look.

So, the animals love it and, well, this human does too. The Seltos is spacious, comfortable, usable across varying terrain it looks quite spectacular too. All great attributes for a car that you’d want to go road-tripping in. And while this series has come to a close, I hope we’ll be doing other fun things with this SUV, because, based on the experiences I’ve had on this journey, it’s going to be a blast.


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