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It seems like yesterday when the Hyundai Creta joined our long-term fleet, but, in reality, it’s been over six months already and now it’s time to part ways.

Hyundai Creta long term user review Final report

Time truly flies when you have good company. So, here are the great and some not so good aspects of the “Perfect SUV”. We had the facelift version, so, the style quotient has been turned up a few notches and, to my eyes, it’s an appealing design. And I’m not alone since so many of them can be spotted on the road. Nearly 8,000 families have been driving home in a new Hyundai Creta month on month.
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The reason for the Hyundai Creta’s popularity is that it’s of the right size, right performance, and at the right price. It’s a proper five-seater, without compromising on space and with enough room for luggage. From airport duties for guests and their luggage to catering to my wife’s current obsession with flowers and potted plants, the Hyundai Creta has ferried practically everything. I wish the rear seat back-rest were split, so, half of it could be folded to accommodate larger luggage while the other half could seat a passenger.

The refined 1.6-litre turbo-diesel is pretty efficient and has this addictive wave of 260 Nm of torque that flows in as early as 1,500 rpm. The clutch and steering feel light and easy, though the gearbox tends to act up occasionally, resisting to be slotted into reverse at times. But even in soul-crushing traffic, it returns a respectable 13.5 km/l and, on the highway with the ’box slotted into sixth, it can comfortably rise above 17 km/l.
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For me, the strongest aspects of the Hyundai Creta have to be the top-class cabin finish and the taut ride quality. Both of which are not just appreciated by me, but by my family as well, who are sorely going to miss this long-term car.
When compared to newer models, this SUV falls behind in terms of new-age features. Knowing Korean car-maker, I’m sure this will be fixed when the 2020 Hyundai Creta breaks cover early next year.

Driven: 10,500 km
Like: Cabin space, efficient diesel
Dislike: Lacks some new-age features


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