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Sounds crazy? Well, Mercedes’ new G63 AMG is called Crazy Colour and we took it out to paint the town green

Green and Mean Mercedes-AMG G 63 Road Test (1)

Story: Ravi Chandnani
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

It is intimidating, massive and utterly muscular; at the same time, however, it is funny (in a good way). Contrary to popular belief, this German seems like an exception. Just look at this mammoth Geländewagen all dressed up in green as if it were Irish. This is the Crazy Colour G 63 AMG, the latest AMG beast in Mercedes’ Indian line-up. Priced at Rs 2.17 crore (ex-Delhi), this best-selling Mercedes model maybe an expensive way of filling your driveway, but it still manages to dwarf its rivals and everything else on the road. Is it really a practical SUV for India? Well, we spent a day in it to find that out.

When Mercedes said that this new G-Wagen is called the Crazy Colour Edition, they weren’t kidding. The green one we drove looks absolutely insane. I have to give it to Merc for indulging in this kind of fun activity on such a “big” scale. There is an appropriate amount of chrome and blacked out elements. And ample AMG badges to announce that this beast comes from Affalterbach.

Inside the G 63 a similar cabin makes an appearance but this time it comes loaded with a lot of carbon-fibre. As always, black is the dominant theme, giving this SUV a serious appearance; however, with no contrasting colours on the inside, it feels a lot smaller than it is. Space is good enough for five people and their weekend luggage, though the rear knee-room is limited, especially if you are tall. I wish the rear seats were adjustable, for then it would have allowed the rear seating space to be transformed into one of the roomiest in the world. Nevertheless, quality and fit-and-finish are top-notch and, feature-wise, the G 63 AMG is loaded with all the modern gadgetry to keep the geeks happy.

Green and Mean Mercedes-AMG G 63 Road Test (11)


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About the author: Ravi Chandnani


Senior Correspondent
Car India Magazine,
Automotive Division,
Next Gen Publishing Ltd.


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