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Strange Logic

THE WINTER HAS ARRIVED AND POLLUTION HAS REARED ITS UGLY head once again. Delhi is leading the way, being one of the highest polluted cities in the world. What can be a permanent solution to this problem? Can the scrapping of 10-year-old diesel cars be the solution when you see six-seater rickshaws still plying on the roads?

This month we have compared the new Hyundai Santro and the Tata Tiago, the best car from Tata Motors. The Santro has set a record of sorts in terms of sales figures; they have received more than 38,000 bookings since the date of the launch. Hyundai have also raised the benchmark in terms of the build quality and the quality of plastic used in the interior of this car. The Santro’s ride quality and the gearshift of the AMT are superb. In fact, the latter is almost like an auto box.

The Volvo S60 I drove in Los Angeles is most unlike any Volvo from the past. This car is going to write a new chapter in the history of the Swedish company.

There was an incident in Mumbai wherein a car being driven on the correct side of the road at Bandra hit a two-wheeler rider coming down the wrong way and guess what? The police merrily fined the car driver and not the two-wheeler rider! Have the authorities lost their mind? This was just like what happened to me some time ago here in Pune when a car driver broke a signal and hit me amidships. However, the police averred that it was my fault that I hit the rear of the car because I tried to avoid the imminent mishap and clipped its rear. Instead I should have gone under the front wheels of the car and then it would have been the errant
driver’s fault!

All in all, traffic signals and driving on the correct side of the road seem to mean nothing to the authorities.


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