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Our long-term experiment with the CEAT Milaze X3 tyres has come to a close. A little more than a year ago, we undertook the challenge of testing the mileage of the CEAT Milaze X3 tyres. We joined hands with Mumbai-based Ahura Car Services and shod a few of their cars with these tyres. Over the past year, the cars have gone about their usual business and we have monitored the tyres at periodic intervals to check for wear and tear. Life as a set of tyres for a cab in Mumbai is definitely not easy. Over the past year, the Milaze X3s have seen it all from inclement weather to long trips over all kinds of roads.

The routine checks in the past did not yield any cause for worry. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised to note that the tyres were exceeding expectations at every turn. Three of these checks have been completed and now it is time for the final one.

Product Portfolio

Milaze X3 tyres are available in four rim sizes from 12 to 15 inches. When one accounts for the different dimensions for each rim size, it comes to a grand total of 21 options. The Milaze X3 is available only as a tubeless tyre. CEAT have also said that they plan to include more options to cater to some of the recently launched cars; the latest option being the 185/65R15.


• 135/70R12 • 145/70R12 • 145/70R13 • 145/80R12 • 145/80R13 • 155/65R12 • 155/65R13 • 155/65R14 • 155/70R13 • 155/80R13 • 165/65R13 • 165/65R14 • 165/80R14 • 175/65R14 • 175/65R15 • 175/70R13 • 175/70R14 • 185/60R14 • 185/65R14 • 185/65R15 • 185/70R14

Compatible Cars

CEAT claim that the Milaze X3 range is available for as many as 79 cars. The list comprises models from reputed manufacturers like Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Volkswagen, and many more. Popular vehicles include the Amaze, Brio, City, i10, i20, Alto, Swift, Wagon R, Indica, and Polo.

While keeping up with supplying tyres for the new cars, CEAT have made sure that the Milaze X3 range will be available for old vehicles as well, mostly from the early 2000s. To confirm if your car is part of the list, you can always log on to the CEAT website and confirm (www.ceat.com).

Unique Attributes

• Wide circumferential grooves and firm shoulder blocks

• Purpose-developed tread compound for a long life

• Good levels of grip even during the final stages of the tyre’s life

• High rubber content means uniform wear and better mileage

• Ample grip and stable braking in wet conditions

The Last Stretch

The 60,000-kilometre mark was done and dusted the last time around. Recently, the cars crossed the six-digit figure on road shod with the Milaze X3s. To be honest, when we started out, we were a little sceptical about the tyres lasting this long, but here we are: one year and one lakh kilometres later.

Upon inspection, it was clear that there was no abnormal deterioration. Of course, wear and tear was evident and the tread depth had decreased as well. However, it had worn down evenly without any worrisome cracks or deformities. The sidewalls also appeared to be in good shape considering the tyres’ mileage thus far. The tyres look good enough for a few thousand kilometres more but we believe it is time to retire this set of rubber.

The cab drivers confirmed that the mileage had not affected the stellar performance of the tyres that they were used to since the beginning of the test nor had any complaints been raised by the passengers. Furthermore, they also confessed that they were pleasantly surprised that the Milaze X3 tyres stood their ground and proved their mettle in the long run.

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