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The Hyundai #BeTheBetterGuy campaign is designed to create awareness about road safety. We, at Car India, help disseminate this message among the public at large.

Story: Kurt Morris
Photography: Apurva Ambep

Car India has been involved in the Hyundai “#BeTheBetterGuy” road safety campaign for the past few years. This campaign is aimed at promoting safe driving habits and reducing road accidents in India. It was launched in partnership with Hyundai Motor India with a view to raising awareness about the importance of responsible driving, especially among young drivers. As part of the campaign, Car India published articles and features highlighting the dangers of reckless driving and the importance of following traffic rules. In order to apprise the public of a safe driving behaviour, the magazine also organised events and held road safety courses.

The public embraced the Hyundai “#BeTheBetterGuy” campaign and a number of people attended the events and workshops organised by Car India. Readers of the magazine also gave the publication favourable feedback and expressed their appreciation of this joint initiatives to make the public aware about traffic safety. The campaign was successful, leading to a considerable increase in the number of drivers who adopted safe driving habits, resulting in a decline in the number of traffic-related incidents across the country. Car India’s participation in the campaign was essential in order to get the word out about road safety to a wide readership, having a correspondingly beneficial impact on many people’s lives.

Now Hyundai Motor India Limited, the largest auto exporter in the country since its foundation and one of the most prominent proponents of corporate social responsibility (CSR), have announced the sixth edition of the “#BeTheBetterGuy” Initiative. Road safety awareness has greatly increased among a number of demographics thanks to Hyundai’s innovative mass movement.

The sixth edition of “#BeTheBetterGuy”—“Buckle up, Young India”— is about this topic. The campaign wants to interact with 400 million or more Gen Z and millennial road-users on an emotional level. The objective is to encourage road-users to begin a “Chain-of-Change” by altering their behaviour and mindset in a positive way.

Car India is located in the city of Pune, which is renowned for its history, diverse cultural legacy, and expanding information technology and automobile sectors. Meanwhile, the city is also experiencing significant traffic congestion, particularly during rush hours, as a result of growing urbanisation and population. The issue is exacerbated by the city’s congested roads, limited public transport infrastructure, and poor traffic control. Long periods of time spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic tend to make commuting in Pune tough and stressful.

In addition to adding to air pollution, the city’s clogged roads give rise to the danger of accidents. In order to address the issue, the state government and the Pune Municipal Corporation have made an attempt to improve public transport and expand the city’s road network. However, more needs to be done to address the problem of traffic congestion in Pune, such as putting in place an efficient traffic management system, encouraging carpooling, and promoting the use of alternative modes of transport.

Recently Car India had a discussion with Vijaykumar Magar, an IPS officer, about road safety. The conversation resulted into insightful information about the country’s road safety concerns and the measures being taken to address them. In order to lower the incidence of traffic-related mishaps in the country, Magar discussed the significance of enforcing traffic regulations, enhancing road infrastructure, and promoting safe driving habits. He underscored the need for stringent traffic law enforcement to promote road safety, including the use of seat-belts, helmets, and respecting speed restrictions. The officer also discussed the function of technology in enhancing traffic safety and the advantages of integrating cutting-edge technologies into the current infrastructure, such as autonomous enforcement systems.

Magar averred that by strengthening road safety, monitoring traffic offences, and improving the road infrastructure, technology can play a significant role in minimising accidents. He also highlighted the value of a public-private alliance in advancing traffic safety. He emphasised the importance of the media, including publications like Car India, in raising public awareness about the dangers of driving recklessly and the duty of the law-abiding citizen in this regard.

The conversation with Vijaykumar Magar threw up valuable information about the problems and potential solutions for improving road safety in India as well as the crucial role that enforcement agencies, technology, and a public-private partnership play in doing so.

For this year’s “#BeTheBetterGuy” road safety campaign we proposed the “One-second Rule” at traffic signals. It concerns the distance a driver should maintain from the vehicle in front at a red light. The rule suggests that a driver should allow one second of time for every 10 feet of vehicle length, which helps ensure a safe stopping distance in case the vehicle in front suddenly moves. This also helps prevent rear-end collisions and reduce the likelihood of mishaps at traffic lights. Awareness of the “One-second Rule” can help drivers make safer decisions on the road and create a safer driving environment for all.

The “#BeTheBetterGuy” road safety campaign emphasizes the importance of following traffic rules, avoiding distractions while driving, and being courteous to other road-users. It seeks to highlight the role of drivers in making roads safer for everyone and encourages them to be the better person by being mindful of their driving habits and behaviour. The campaign comprises various activities and events, including road safety workshops, awareness drives, and public service announcements, to educate and sensitize drivers to the importance of road safety.

For the campaign, we also had recourse to social media platforms to spread the message and communicate with a wider audience. The objective is to create a safer and more responsible road culture in India and to encourage drivers to take personal responsibility for their actions on the road. By promoting safe and responsible driving, Hyundai aim to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities and create a safer and more harmonious road environment for all.

The Hyundai “#BeTheBetterGuy” road safety campaign is a noteworthy initiative that upholds the value of cautious and responsible driving and implores motorists to be aware of their actions on the road. While underscoring the need for a more responsible driving culture, the campaign also aspires to make Indian roads safer and more peaceful for everyone.


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