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Bollywood legend, The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan may soon be the voice you hear on the Google maps navigation app. The actor has been offered a country’s GDP to lend his commanding voice.

Bachchan has in the past received high regard when he narrated a version of the global release of the brilliant March of the Penguins documentary. Bachchan was applauded for his tonal talents and regarded the best narrators for the documentary. Quite a feat as he did go up against Hollywood legend, Morgan Freeman, who once narrated his love for Andy Dufresne, having the film world bow to his genius.

Until now, Indians have been guided by the Aussie New Yorker, Karen Jacobsen, whose pronunciation of some Indian roads and areas were understandably entertaining. A familiar voice always helps though, and in India, there really isn’t a voice much more noticeable than the Big B himself. This might indeed lead to die-hard Bachchan fans using google maps on the daily, and why not.

We shall keep you posted on further happenings, but do look forward to the day that Amitabh directs me in the unfamiliar. Bring on the movie quotes!

Source credit: Mid-Day


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