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After driving the recently launched i20 Active, it’s amazing to think that not only do Hyundai have a brilliant product in the Elite i20, but have also worked on it some more to make it the i20 Active

I’ve been using the Hyundai Elite i20 for a few months now and I must say that the compact hatchback continues to impress me day in and day out. Its external proportions are compact, making it easy to drive around in town, but, at the same time, the space inside is generous (for a hatchback). Just recently, we had to squeeze an extra person into the back (the other option being to leave her standing on the pavement at an insanely late hour). While approaching the car I thought it would be a case of packed sardines. Surprisingly, though, it wasn’t. Yes, space was tight but we could still breathe. On the other hand, driving the recently launched i20 Active for a week or so made me realise that Hyundai are not only capable of launching an award-winning product but also capable of improving it. One of my pet grouses with the Elite i20 was its headlamps, which I thought weak. Hyundai have swung their response smack back into my face by providing the i20 Active with projector headlamps, which are much better than the Elite i20’s unit. Additionally, the Active gets cornering function. Mighty useful. Now, I’m not too sure about retro-fitment of the latter but I’m pretty sure that, for a price, Hyundai will be willing to swap the stock headlamps of the Elite i20 with those from the i20 Active. As a result, making your car even better than it is. Now, who would have thought of that!
— Aninda Sardar

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