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The British luxury marque have created a Bentley Rainbow through seven of their own vibrant paint colours available as part of the Bentley spectrum.

Bentley Rainbow Winning Bacalar

In an online competition for Bentley colleagues and their families to design their own Bentley Mulliner Bacalar recently, the resulting winner was a beautiful Bentley Rainbow-themed edition. The extremely rare and exclusive Barchetta-style Bacalar has relaunched true coach-building at Bentley Mulliner, and while real-world production is limited to just 12 cars, anyone is able to imagine their dream specification from Bentley’s unrivalled spectrum of interior and exterior colours. The judging was by Bentley’s Director of Design, Stefan Sielaff, and a winner was selected for both the exterior and interior. The exterior winner was Eleanor, whose vibrant rainbow-themed concept reflected the current situation with a symbol of gratefulness and hope.

As Bentley starts their recovery and continue to support the community, their own version of the rainbow can be created from a paint range as diverse as it is extensive. From rich reds through vibrant mid-tones through to energetic blues and purples, these are the seven colours that make up the Bentley rainbow:

Bentley Rainbow Dragon Red II

Dragon Red II: An arresting and distinguished metallic red in the Bentley Rainbow evokes a sense of speed and presence. The first iteration was used to launch the original Continental GT V8 in 2012, and in its second version Dragon Red II remains a deep and rich colour regardless of the tone of the light that illuminates it, and was used as the launch colour for the Bentayga V8.

Bentley Rainbow Orange Flame

Orange Flame: Matching other vivid palette colours such as Citric and Magenta, it has the ability to make the boldest of statements. Mixed with Mica pigment and powdered aluminium, Orange Flame is painted in a single layer, topped with a clear coat, cured and then finished with a ‘mirror finish’ polish. It provides exceptional contrast across the muscular curves and sharp lines of the Bentley range, and was used to launch the Bentayga Speed.

Bentley Rainbow Yellow Flame

Yellow Flame: A unique colour created for the recently launched, limited edition Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, it provides an incredibly striking shade in the Bentley Rainbow. Using a ‘colourstream’ pigment containing rice husk ash, a by-product of the rice industry, this specially developed paint reflects a striking transition of colour that intensifies the drama of the form and contours of the Bacalar exterior.

Bentley Rainbow Apple Green

Apple Green: A fresh, modern hue in the green spectrum of the Bentley Rainbow, Apple Green is a bespoke Bentley colour that provides a striking pop of confident colour.

Bentley Rainbow Jetstream

Jetstream II: A light, very fine, almost powder blue metallic finish that can transition between a cool silver in warm light to and a soft, elegant blue in cooler light. Both sporting and luxurious, this shade is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement and pairs incredible well with Bentley’s Blackline Specification, replacing exterior chrome brightware with black versions.

Bentley Rainbow Sequin Blue

Sequin Blue: One of the most iconic colours in the Bentley Rainbow, Sequin Blue was originally a special request from a customer to match the colour of a sequin from her favourite ball gown. This is a bespoke rich metallic blue with a deep shadow and ‘flop’ (how a metallic paint reflects different amounts or hues of light depending on the lighting angle), and has a sumptuous fluidity and unrivalled ability to draw attention to the exterior shape and form. Sequin Blue launched the third-generation Continental GT in 2017, and is one of the top 10 most popular paints for customers.

Bentley Rainbow Azure Purple

Azure Purple: A dark, rich shade with blue undertones, it was created when Bentley was asked to match the unmistakable colour of the beautiful African Violet flower. A confident and flamboyant colour, it has been used by customers of both Bentayga and Continental GT.


The Bentley Rainbow comes at a time of “cautious optimism” as production resumes. Meanwhile, 3D printing machines are being used to produce more than 30,000 face shields, entirely manufactured on-site in Crewe, destined for the care sector in Cheshire and including all 95 care homes, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and local community services. Bentley is also donating personal protective equipment (PPE) with more than 20,000 gloves, face masks, safety glasses and seat covers given so far. Furloughed colleagues have also extended the Bentley ‘Meals on 22 inch Wheels’ service, with volunteers delivering food parcels and vital medical supplies in the community.


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