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Twelve things that set the Toyota Camry Hybrid apart from a conventional luxury car while showcasing its green credentials1. Cleaner and Greener Car
Toyota’s luxurious Camry Hybrid is one of the best hybrid cars out there. It brings a lot to the table. It combines luxury with green technology that reduces emissions, making the world a better place. The Camry Hybrid uses a petrol engine along with an electric motor to provide excellent drive, while emitting a tiny amount of pollutants. In fact, the Camry Hybrid’s emissions are far less compared to what some of the small hatchbacks and mid-size sedans emit. With such stellar attributes, the Camry Hybrid clearly depicts Toyota’s commitment to the environment and to making great cars that care for the planet.


2. Familiar Drive Feel
Don’t be intimidated by the ‘Hybrid’ nature of the Toyota Camry because this green car is as easy to drive as a conventional automatic car. While making the Camry Hybrid, Toyota engineers gave great importance to convenience and that is the reason that makes the Camry Hybrid utterly easy to drive. It works just like a normal automatic car. The Camry Hybrid starts in EV Mode, delivering pure electric drive, and, depending on the throttle input and road conditions, it switches between the petrol engine and the electric motor. A smart on-board computer takes care of the whole process, letting you focus on the road ahead and nothing else.

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3. EV Mode Makes it a True Green Car
The Toyota Camry Hybrid turns into a pure electric car when you select the EV Mode. The electric motor, powered by the on-board battery, kicks in to provide the necessary drive that propels the car forward without emitting any pollutants. Given the right conditions and throttle input, you can drive the car solely on electric power to speeds in excess of 60 km/h. In case the computer detects the need of additional power, the petrol engine kicks in seamlessly to provide extra drive.

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