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Ferrari have launched the most powerful F12, and one of their most powerful road-legal cars yet, which also happens to be the most powerful naturally-aspirated car on the planet, the F12tdf – paying homage to the Tour de France.

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Ferrari have always been focussed on delivering the sportiest, most exclusive and desirable automobiles but to exceed all expectations and concentrate their energies to focus on their core strength: engine, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics, means they have delivered a car second to none, well, maybe LaFerrari and the FXX-K, but for the road, without too many electric add-ons and drive.

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The engine, for one, has been tuned to within micrometers of spitting fire at you, probably, because the 6,262-cc V12, still with no blowers, makes 780 PS @ 8,500 RPM – 40 PS more than the F12berlinetta – and an equally stunning 705 Nm of peak torque that comes in at 6,750 RPM. Of course, Ferrari are quick to add that 80% of that peak torque – 564 Nm – is available from 2,500 RPM to allow for effortless driveability. The maximum engine speed is 8,900 RPM!

Furthermore, the F12tdf has more innovations to take care of certain aspects of performance dynamics. A specific version of the F1 dual-clutch automatic transmission allows for slicker shifts with 6% shorter gear ratios. That translates to 30% quicker upshifts and 40% quicker downshifts. Also from their XX programme, comes the Virtual Short Wheelbase, which lends the F12tdf with active rear-wheel steering to compensate for oversteer because of the tyre dimensions. The front tyres are now 8% wider 275/35 ZR20s to complement the 315/35 ZR20s at the rear. Braking too has seen a change. The Extreme Design one-piece or Monobloc brake callipers, as seen on LaFerrari, allow the car to come to a standstill from 100 km/h in just 30.5 metres, and from 200-0 in 121 metres.

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The changes are not limited just to the mechanicals. Even the lines have been tweaked for further aerodynamic efficiency, with the figure now 1.6, almost double that of the F12berlinetta. The rear spoiler is 60 mm longer and 30 mm higher and the rear-screen rake has been increased to allow for a greater downforce-generation area. Downforce at 200 km/h is now 230 kg, up by 107 kg! The shaving of unnecessary weight has resulted in an overall drop of 110 kg. The F12tdf weighs just 1,415 kg dry – that’s over 550 PS/tonne! As a result, 0-100 is dismissed in 2.9 seconds and 0-200 km/h is done and dusted in 7.9 seconds, with a top speed of over 340 km/h.

Only 799 units will be made. If you do want one, get on the line to Ferrari now and be ready to pay upwards of Rs 5 crore, plus road tax and insurance.

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