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Toyota have launched a new luxury van, called the Vellfire, and we went down to the test-track at the brand’s Bidadi plant to get a little taste

Story: Harket Suchde
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

The Toyota Vellfire’s Distinctive Exterior Design

The Vellfire doesn’t look like your ordinary van. It has the same silhouette and boxy proportions; however, where your typical people carrier tends to try and blend in with the crowd, the Vellfire wants to stand out. There is a lot of chrome on the front of the vehicle, making it the most distinctive and easily-spotted van you have ever seen. That distinctive split-headlamp design lends the Vellfire’s visage a squinty quality. The side of the van is typically van-like. Sort of bland and conspicuous ― tall, with 17-inch wheels that look disproportionately small on this body type. The rear has a sizeable chrome bar running along its breadth, with twin squared-out tail-lamps placed just below. On its own, the bar would be teetering on the edge of being obnoxious; paired with the front, though, it ties the whole van’s aesthetic together.

Interior Quality in the Vellfire

The all-black interior and generous sprinkling of wood accents are the epitome of understated class. You get plush leather seats with electronic adjustability and an ottoman feature for the passenger’s side. The touch infotainment comes with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and the lot, and the driver also gets chauffeur controls to operate the rear doors and electronic tailgate, control the two sunroofs, and straighten the second-row seats at a touch.


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