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Post its Series II update, Rolls-Royce have given the Ghost some more choice touches and even more go. We drive it right here in Pune in its Extended Wheelbase guise.

Story: Jim Gorde
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

Making a mark in this world is one thing, but becoming one of the most respected marques, if not the most respected marque, takes more than a little extra. The Spirit of Ecstasy is recognised instantly, and in pretty much any part of the world, as the symbol of Rolls-Royce. It’s the brand you go to when you want to make a statement. When you want to show the world you’ve arrived.

The last generation-VII Phantom may have rolled out of Goodwood on the last day of January this year, but that’s only a sign of more hope. What that means, until the next big Roller arrives, is that this Ghost Extended Wheelbase is the longest, most luxurious model you can have right now. And after having a go in it, we can vouch for its exceptional craft and waft-ability.

Since 1904, Rolls-Royce have proved, and with pride, that quality and attention to detail matter. The reputation of the “best car in the world” was acquired, not claimed. That was because of the labour and attention that went in was from a bunch of committed folk who wouldn’t want anything but the best to go in. That there are multiple examples of their century-old cars still running, and in fine order, are testimony to that fact.

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So what of the Ghost? Rolls-Royce also have become known for their nomenclature related to the afterlife: names like Ghost, Wraith and Phantom succeed the likes of the Silver Ghost, Silver Wraith and Silver Spirit. But the car is not intimidating to behold, really. It has presence; oh, yes. Massive presence; especially in this extended wheelbase avatar with its 5.6 metre length. The expansive front grille dressed in the finest chrome and the angled slats give it an almost animated effect on the move. The Spirit of Ecstasy stands proudly, ruling the sea of chrome beneath.

The side profile is accentuated by the coach doors — where the rear door is hinged aft rather than fore, making for a better isolated entry: makes sense if you have someone out to get you — and the 50 per cent wheel height to body height proportion. The Ghost runs 19-inch wheels with 255-section Good Years running a profile low enough to maintain composure at its limited top speed of 250 km/h, and high enough to offer a supple ride, in harmony with its air suspension.

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Of course, inside is where the Ghost really seems like money well spent. Get in the spacious rear seat and close the door with the help of a button and you’re in your own little world. The plush leather upholstery and shag carpeting feel soft and inviting and essentially swing the universe to favour your mood. It’s easy to unwind with the outside world tuned out and a relaxing track playing on the premium sound system with 18 individually-tuned speakers. The 20-GB hard-drive storage allows for seemingly endless storage of high-quality audio. The rear seats also allow multiple adjustment possibilities and the centre arm-rest has all the controls you would need — seating, climate and entertainment — at your fingertips. Remember, if there’s anything you would like different, Rolls will do it your way. Embroidery or custom stitching? A particular shade you fancy? The boundaries stretch far; often beyond even a wild imagination. Everything from the head-restraints to the umbrellas in the doors can be created just as you want it. At a price, of course. To ensure it was indeed all it was cracked up to be, a drive up the hills was all the proof needed. This back-seat is indeed pampering.

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