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India boasts of close to 55 lakh kilometres of sweet, sweet tarmac to drive our cars on. However, this tarmac isn’t always tarmac really, but sometimes broken roads, mud roads, and a variety of other road-like bits in various stages of disrepair. When you carry speed through the bumps and breaks, or just drive for long stretches of time even on smooth roads, you can feel the effects on your back, and behind more than anywhere else. The constant strain taken by your body on these trips leads to tiredness as well. Feel Good Innovations claim that their latest innovation is an ideal solution to help soothe commutes in your car, both long and short.

They have created the FeGo Float, an air-cushioned seat accessory which they claim provides 46% jerk reduction and allows driver’s to cover up to twice the distance if they use it. To test out these claims, we decided to review the product. The fruit of a crowdfunding campaign on FuelADream, the FeGo Float comes with a mesh cover, and additional sealed cover, an inflation pump, and fasteners.

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The seat can be used with pretty much any car, and is fairly easy to set up. It can be inflated with the help of the pump within seconds, and the quality of materials used is pretty good for the seat, the air nozzle, and the mesh cover. It also comes with an plastic zipped cover that can hold the seat once deflated for easy and safe storage. The Float adds about half an inch to the seat height (depending on how much you choose to inflate it) and does up the comfort quotient when on he go. However, it does tend to get hot if you leave it on the seat when you car is parked out in the sun.

If you are interested in buying the FeGo Float, it is currently available on the brand’s FuelADream page at a Super Early Bird rate of Rs 1,599. Our very own Bike India has reviewed the brand’s bike specific variant of the Float as well, and you can catch that review here. A combo pack of both the bike and car seats is available at a Super Early Bird combo price of Rs 2,799.


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