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Porsche Track Experience

Moving on to the three sports cars in the Porsche Track Experience, I’d start with the 911 GT3 RS first—no one else wanted to start out in it.

Porsche Track Experience

I settle into the bucket seat, all set to tick one off the bucket list, buckets of sweat already pouring from my head and back. ‘It was all worth it. Here I am!’ I say as the 550-hp-V8 Cayenne Turbo pace car roars off ahead. Nudge the throttle and stick to the pit-lane speed limit. ‘No madness on the first lap,’ I tell myself. Staying inside the white line as I exit the pits and gun it for the giant grey pepper ahead of me out of the exit of Turn One and a quick dash across for Turn Two—exactly when I realised how agile and grippy the GT3 RS really is. It took just one corner. Revs rise as I go up the ascent into Turn Three and line ‘er up for the exit to blast on to the back straight.

Porsche Track Experience

No second invite needed. Foot down hard and the engine mustered its potential and stuck it to the road in one snarling breath, as the revs climbed to 8,600 rpm before the PDK decided it was time to shift up. The dial is marked up to 10—ten thousand revolutions per minute—and that is a sight for sore eyes. A huge smile plastered on my face was a given but the mix of emotions—intense pleasure blended with partial terror—lasting the length of the back straight was a new dose of reality for me. Up to 220 km/h was done in a jiffy, but I had to lift off as the pace car was slowing; my mirrors devoid of the following red Carrera S. Given the room, the 991.II neunelfer GT3 RS will get up to 312 km/h. Braking hard into the next corner as we went left, then a sharp turn-in to Turn Four and on the throttle again into the shortened layout—the motorcycle track layout, I’m told—and on to the chicane and parabola. What is usually a double apex is tackled wide before heading deep and pointing to the next left-hander which, again, demonstrates the sheer effortless flickability and zero-roll, track-hugging nature the GT3 RS possesses.

It may have a strut front set-up but the dynamic engine mounts and multi-link rear suspension all make for unbelievable handling dynamics and control. There was no time to stop and think about the equipment on offer, because I had—praise be—another lap to go!

Porsche Track Experience

Enter the final corner, as we practised the cornering drills, and on to the start-finish straight and hard on the throttle once more. Back around and attack the first corner this time and sharply into Turn Two, grin widening as I experience the tremendous grip and flawless response once again. I’ve experienced G, T, and R, both space and hyphen, here at this track and I can honestly say that they are nowhere close to what I can only describe as pure mechanical and emotional motoring brilliance. Perhaps, the deep-rooted respect for Herr Porsche and his works and their evolutions plays a role, but it is what it is.

A rewarding drive it was, yes, but, sadly, it left an itch inside me that cannot be scratched. One that can only be cured by actually having the car. I had to walk away. There was more to do. More cars to drive. A new benchmark set for anything four wheels. I know, I know… 997 GT2 RS, 991 GT2 RS, 992 GT3 RS and GT3 R. Those are on the list, too. As is the Norsdschleife.

Need to Know – Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Price: Rs 2.71 crore (ex-showroom), Rs 2.87 crore (as tested)
Engine: 4.0-litre, boxer-six, petrol DI
Output: 520 hp, 470 Nm
Transmission: Seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic, rear-wheel drive
Weight: 1,430 kg

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