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Highly Preventable Loss of Life

Having celebrated the recent festival of Rakshabandhan with their relatives, a family of four were returning home on their two-wheeler when they hit a pothole. The father lost control and fell off the bike. While the father and mother received injuries, the children were not so lucky; they were run over by a vehicle and lost their lives due to poor road conditions.

No doubt, the people responsible for the poor condition of roads should be taken to task, but why were there four persons on a two-wheeler? It is high time the authorities began implementing traffic rules in right earnest and disallowed more than two persons on a two-wheeler.

After seeing a family of four on a two-wheeler Ratan Tata promised a low-cost car for the people of India, so that they would not have to risk the lives of their loved ones. Unfortunately, however, in India we do not care about our own safety; we have to save people from themselves and for this we need to keep people from violating traffic rules. The Nano would have been a great success had more than two persons not been allowed to travel on a two-wheeler.

Today the word “diesel” has become a taboo as most cities are desirous of putting a ban on diesel cars. However, you may be in for a big surprise as diesel makes a big comeback in the future with new technologies. A few years ago, Dr Hackenberg had said that the future of mobility would be diesel plug-in hybrids that would be controlled by GPS wherein you would have an EV for city use, a hybrid for the highway, and supercar performance with the engine and the electric motor working together. The smart GPS will make sure that you have enough battery charge to run on EV mode when you enter city limits.


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