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Not Just Belts, Enforce Lane Discipline

THE PRICE OF PETROL HAS CONTINUED ON A NORTHWARD TREND for the past couple of months and this is going to propel the sale of diesel cars because they are at least 30 to 40 per cent more fuel-efficient when you consider the cost of petrol and diesel. The government refuses to lower the taxes on fuel, saying that new roads and infrastructure are financed by the taxes you and I pay on fuel. I would like to know what happens to the road tax that we pay. By the way, the road tax that we pay is probably the highest in the world. As for the roads, they are mostly riddled with potholes and, if they happen to be half decent, then you have to pay toll.

The police are enforcing the seatbelt rule for rear passengers on the Mumbai-Pune highway. It is a welcome move but it would be more beneficial if they enforce proper lane driving and make sure that truck drivers do not hog all three lanes while climbing the ghat section, which forces car drivers to use the hard shoulder and overtake from the left. The speed limit on the expressway has been increased to 120 km/h. I hope people drive with caution since most people are not used to such speeds and tend to panic if something goes wrong.

Last month I got an opportunity to drive the all-new Hyundai Santro. All I can say is hats off to Hyundai for making this car. They have excelled in all the departments: refinement, suspension, NVH, and especially the AMT. It is the best AMT I have experienced to date.

The second car I drove was the BMW X5 and there is a sea change in the new SUV. It has become luxurious and its off-roading capability has improved.


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