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CI_may2018Lack of Foresight

THE ROADS AND INFRASTRUCTURE IN GENERAL IN the country seem to have failed to keep pace with the growth in the number of new vehicles coming on to the roads every day. A recent survey conducted in the city of Pune showed that the number of automobiles was higher than the population of the city. This is due to the lack of proper public transport.

The Metro construction has got under way in Pune. It should have been undertaken 30 years ago. Either we are severely lacking in foresight or it is done purposely to make money. For instance, in the matter of our road construction, the bridges more often than not prove inadequate even before they are commissioned. Similarly, roads are laid and then widened within a couple of years. This means new contracts, which also means double chai-pani.

Last month we drove the petrol and diesel Tata Nexon AMT. I must say that I was impressed by the AMT’s gear-shifts as compared to the other AMT cars in the market. What surprised me the most was the change in attitude in Tata Motors’ management. They were willing to take negative feedback in the right spirit whereas in the past they would just brush you aside if you offered any negative feedback. Now they were asking how they could further improve their product. This change in attitude will go a long way to help the company to improve its products by rectifying some of the shortcomings. With this new product and constant improvement in their existing line-up, I am sure the company will be able to compete with the best in the country.


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