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Uniform Road Tax: Need of the Hour

THE UNION TRANSPORT minister has suggested that there should be a uniform rate of road tax across the country in all the states, but that it is up to the states to implement it. If this were to happen, then one would be able to drive a car registered in any state without having to re-register it in the state of current domicile.

There seems to be no respite from the continuing decline in automobiles sales and, with the Bharat VI norms set to be implemented from the first of April this year, it will further put a strain on the automobile market. New cars will become even more expensive since the stringent norms require expensive equipment to control emission levels.

The biennial Indian Auto Expo will be held this month at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida. This year most of the manufacturers are not going to take part in the motor show because most of them have been witnessing a decline in sales. As a result of this, they would rather spend the money elsewhere and offer better discounts to improve sales. Taking part in the Auto Expo is quite expensive, that is why most manufacturers are likely to stay away. The Indian manufacturers may stay away, but quite a few Chinese manufacturers are likely to take part in the Expo.

The effect of the heavy traffic offence fines seems to be wearing off, for people have again started breaking traffic signals and going down the wrong way with impunity and the police do not seem to bother about this. The other day a traffic policeman was busy picking up cars and bikes from a “no parking” area but refused to take action against people riding down the wrong way right under his nose.


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