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Festive Impetus

THE FESTIVE SEASON GAVE AN impetus to car sales for the first time after months of downturn. Let us now see if this upturn continues in the coming months.

The onset of winter brings with it cool and comfortable days when people do not have to use air-conditioners. At the same time, however, the level of pollution goes up due to the heavy atmosphere, especially in our capital city, Delhi. There are a number of reasons for this pollution, starting from the stubble burning in the fields in neighbouring states to construction and burning of coal at power stations to generate electricity, but it is always automobiles that get the blame.

Last month I was in Japan with Toyota. They said that they have changed from being a car manufacturer to a mobility manufacturer. They showcased mobility platforms such as the self-driven E pallet which can be easily converted from a people carrier to a mobile office. It can provide multiple transport solutions. By becoming a mobility solution company, Toyota are moving towards EV technology and the new solid-state battery technology with a faster charge time and has a longer range. At the same time, they are also working on hydrogen fuel cell technology for their cars.

The new transport laws and the provision of heavy fines seem to have had a temporary effect, for one could see people fall in line, fearing the fines. However, such is no longer the case. We seem to be back to square one with almost everybody flouting traffic rules left, right, and centre. The police need to come down heavily on such offenders because the traffic situation is getting out of hand.


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