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Pathetic Law Enforcement

There was a surge in the sales of new cars during the recent festive season, albeit still short of the 2019 figures. The economy is recovering but the high price of fuel continues to have an adverse impact on sales, especially in the entry-level segment which is the mainstay of most manufacturers. The premium segment, on the other hand, is doing better, for the high cost of fuel affects the ordinary citizen more than it does the well-to-do.

Last month the Gujarat government made a bizarre announcement, saying that they would not punish anybody for traffic-related offences during the Diwali holiday. It was just in the previous month that we lost Cyrus Mistry and Jahangir Pandole in a road accident on the Gujarat-Mumbai highway. It is strange, to say the least, that instead of being extra vigilant to curb drink driving and other traffic offences to reduce road accidents, the authorities announced complete immunity to offenders.

Closer to home, the local traffic police, specifically those at the Koregaon Park crossroads, stop one for driving a car registered in another state. Most of our cars are registered in other states. According to the law, there is nothing objectionable in that because, at the end of our test/s, the concerned car goes back to the state where it is registered. At the same time, however, the same policeman takes no cognisance of three or four people astride a two-wheeler or those riding/driving on the wrong side of the road just 50 metres away. When I questioned him why he took no action, he said that his duty was limited to the crossroads only.

Speaking of discipline, last month I was driving in the US and even if there is a “stop and go” sign in the back of beyond, everybody stops and then proceeds.



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